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Thanks DDave!

I used the Taylor yesterday on smoked chickens, pulled at 165, took them in the house and checked them with my sister's thermapen, it read 166.
Think I'll keep it!icon_smile.gif
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I have the Maverick ET-72 and a Maverick ET-901 and like them both...
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The ET-73 is a great unit and I think you'll really like it. The nice thing for smokers is that it has 3 setpoints for the alarms. 2 for the smoker (too high and too low) and one for the meat. If you don't want to use one of the alarms, set the set point to a point out of range.

The unit also has a timer function. You can use it to count down and alarm to remind you of something, or use it in a count up function to time how long something takes to complete.


The major weakness of this unit is it's range. It doesn't have near enough. And worse yet, the receiver has no indication that it isn't in contact with the transmitter. It just continues to display the last temps received. The good news is the range problem is easy to fix if you're handy with a soldering iron. See the link below.

I did both mods and I estimate that with the receiver inside the house, the transmitter can be up to 400 feet away outside.

The on off switches are delicate so be careful with them. The switch for the transmitter is inside the battery compartment. This is inconvenient, but it's for weatherproofing. The battery compartment has an o ring to keep water out.

The temperature probes can be delicate. Don't let them touch a hot grill or be exposed to excessively high heat. Also don't let the wires get pinched in the door/lid of your smoker. I'm considering buying an extra set just in case.

Using the unit is not intuitive. Read the directions thoroughly to know how to use all its features.

Don't get me wrong, the benifits of this unit far outweigh the drawbacks. But it's better to know these things up front.
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So where do you leave the transmitter? Just leave it inside the smoker? That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I got a cheap thermo last year for Christmas that worked for about 2 smokes, and I want to make a good, clear decision on a new one. Maybe my common sense is out of whack, but I can't think of a way to use it without leaving it in the smoker that wouldn't pinch the wires in the door/lid of the smoker.

I'm using a WSM, FWIW.
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Might as well as toss in 3rd type. I use a Nu-Temp type. It has a base and can have up to 3 transmitters. I use one for watching my smoker temp and the other 2 for meat internal temp. They have alarms for high temp or low temp range. I can sit in my big puffy chair and see what all 3 are doing.
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For sure don't buy the Weber Style 44025. Same problem,,,sucks can't set temps beeps all the time. Mine broke after the first use on top of that...junk!

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I just bought the chefmate model 7997 from target. I will let everyone know how it works. I also have one that attaches to the grate to read the inside temperature of the air. Perfect combo!!
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