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bar-b-chef restore

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well i bought this grease bucket and now it's time to set it on fire, scrape and clean it, sand and paint it.............

now that the flames and smoke are gone it is time to scrape.

the build up was past the retaining nut.......

you can now see through the cast iron grates......

guess the fire got a little hot................meh

all hardware removed sanded, and ready for painting........

compressor ready and it starts to rain......are you kidding me, it don't rain in az!

it's even sunny........give me a break!

so i'll just have to paint tomorow but for now i can raise the fire gate.
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Everything looks great there Rob. You have done a nice job on the reforbishing of the smoker and it will lookk good for your future smokes and Qview.
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Looks like a good start. What did you use to strip the old paint off? Power sander? Are you going to use a hit temp primer first before paint?
I am thinking about doing this to my old style snp next spring. After about 12 years the old paint is starting to come off the firebox I can see tell tale signs of rust.
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Looking good so far, can't wait to see it all finished up.
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Looks great, that will be like a new unit when you are done!
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you do great work,it comes all good

there I am certainly of PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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parts and body with 1st coat........

after 3 coats and put back together.......

changed out the fasteners....

grills are cleaned and all ready for some Q!

i think it turned out pretty good.......

after x-mas i might start a small fire and get her ready by sunday!!!!!!!!
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Hey Rob
Nice work on that smoker - Merry Christmas
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thx and you too!
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Bravo, you did a great restore job.
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Pretty good? I think it looks great!
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Nice job, looks really good. Lets see it in action!
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You are a dying breed in the disposable world.

It looks GREAT! Well Done!
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Wow that looks great! Nice Job on that!
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Great work on that restore....
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thx all.....and vince, i can't wait to get this thing up and running. i'm sure there will be a learning curve but i'm sure i'll figure it out.
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Some excellent mods i have seen on these units rob...I can pick one up for free,but not sure about another smoker....However,i may just do what you did and keep it for now...
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for free you can't go wrong.......i like projects like this.
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Awesome refinish job - great attention to detail. Your post makes me want to go on my own search for a "rescue" smoker. Thanks for sharing.
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Keep an eye on craig's list, always stuff on there. If your lucky you can find somebody looking to just unload it!
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