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Injecting Butts

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Does anyone inject your pork butts before smoking them? If so do you care to share what you inject them with? I think it would deepen and even the flavor?
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I haven't in a very long time and honestly don't remember what I I injecting with now. I believe there are some around here that do though. Memory is that they use rub mixed with apple juice.
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YES, pineapple juice and worchy. ratio 7/8-1/8 or 3/4-1/4 or use my eyeballs.
You can inject anything you can imagine, mararitas,peach juice/shnaps,cherry juice,energy drinks have all gave me good results.
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I rub my butts with Bad Byron's Butt Rub and inject with 3 parts apple juice (unsweetened) and 1 part rum. I use appelton jamacian rum but captain or anything else would work just as good. I have had good results so far.
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I have injected with Wicker's marinade with great results.
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Fruit juice and seasonings.

More specifically, equal parts pineapple & apple juice along with BBQ rub

My buddy puts a dash of worchy(sp) sauce in his.
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