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Pork loin question

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What internal temperature am I looking for? Dont want it really read but dont want it dry.
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I would suggest cooking until an internal of about 150, remove from the heat, cover in foil and allow to rest for about 20 minutes. You might want to go as high as 155 before pulling.
You will come out with such a moist, tender and flavorful loin, also as it rests the temperature will continue to rise a few degrees.
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technically, you can serve it at 140 if you want, but some folks prefer to go to 160 or even 165. split the difference and you should be good....
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According to the USDA and the pork council, 137 degrees is the temp that pathogens are killed off. I personally pull my tenderloins when the hit 140 and I wrap in foil and let set up for 15-20 minutes. This allows the pork internal temp to reach 145-150 and retain moisture.

Some people prefer to wait until their's has hit 150-160.
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Pull it not later than 155 and foil to rest. It will be good and done and still tender. Anything much above this and you'll be drying it out and loins and tenderloins are really easy to dry out.
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I have a bunch of loin chops that SWMBO bought, they are about 2 inches thick. Any advice on smoking them????? I worry about them drying out.
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I would probably brine them and sear them on the grill and finish off in the smoker if I was doing them.
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got a stuffed loin on now i will pull at 150° or close to it then let it rest 30 to 45 min will be close to 160° at serving timeicon_smile.gif
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Maybe inject or brine or drape bacon over them or a combination of any of these methods
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Anytime I let mine go to 160 I think they are too dry for me. Generally I pull them at 150'ish and let them coast in a pre-heated cooler.
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If you marinade or inject make sure and take internal to 155.
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What method do you use to pre-heat your cooler? I've been wanting to do that for awhile but have never tried anything yet.
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