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stuffed loin with qview

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mama made up some taters and roasted corn so lets use it for stuffing a loin.
why not I'm game so here goes.

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Looks good to me. What are the dark spots?
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black beansicon_smile.gif
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Great job rolling it up and getting into the netting, that was a lot of taters spread in there.
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ok pulled at 155° and its resting comfortably will slice and post it later if it looks ok

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Good job! Where is everyone getting their netting at?
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I just got some at Butcher packer, I had an order together already and seen that Ron P put a pork loin in netting and thought it was cool.

Now I have a bunch, probably end up splittin it up with my bro inlaw.
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allright mork, you said "i'll post pictures IF it looks good" wer'e gonna need shots either way good or bad, like i tell my son not everyone wins everytime when you win somebody gotta lose so face your mistakes and learn from them.
also dont be negative it looks great and will turn out fine!

ebough philisophical blabber, show us the pics
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Still no pics of it sliced
You're killing me!

Meat, veggies, potatoes and smoke...I know it was good, you can't fool me.
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Here it is meal in 1 what ya think

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I will take a slice of that plus an order of pickled possum icon_mrgreen.gif and some of that sourdough bread or rolls either one...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great. i'll take a big slice of that bread put on some mashed potatoes and a fat slice of theat roll covered with some white gravy to go please. also some of that 2 cent coffee, havent seen any of that in a while
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sorry just had brown peppercorn gravey
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Nice work on the loin!!! I love the size of it!
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A rolled loin served open faced with gravy over all and a good cup of Joe...Sounds mighty fine...
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Looks great! Nice job!
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