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pit construction modification pic

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We had to modify that rollout grill and make it shorter. I was thinking it was a little to tall on friday and I think the other two guys were thinking the same thing so we cut it down about 4 inches. We figured it would help cut down on the weight
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Kewl Setup... Is that support for the grill going to retract under the trailer? Loogs great!
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rollout grill support

No, the support doesn't retract under the trailer....we have it where it swings to the side of the trailer on a hinge and pin it in place so it won't swing around when I'm driving.
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Love the design!!! Can handle any situation there... Have any room on ther for a couple Turkey fyrers for doing Buffalo Wing parties...Big thing for football season around here!
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WOW! What a excellent design. Very nicely done. Can't wait to see this one in action.
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turkey fryer

The LP burners will be the last thing we install. I'm thinking we might have to do with a smaller wood box because I want a sink behind the rollout grill. We'll figure something out though. I'm thinking about putting the low pressure burners at the front when we install the rest of the deck plate at the front where the open space is at right now.
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