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Minion Method

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I have a CG-SFB, none of the modifications are done yet as the smoker is in storage till spring...however...what are your opinions/experience with using the Minion Method for larger cuts of meat like brisket. Do the unburned briquettes impart an undesirable flavor, and is this method the right way to keep me from messing around too much, which is a habit I have. Everything will be monitored with a TE-73, but I sure like to tinker with things...
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I have a CG w/SFB. I use a charbroil shaker basket in the SFB. I fill about 3/4 full of unlit briquettes with a few wood chunks mixed in. I leave the front left corner empty & dump about 1/2 chimney of lit briquettes in the open space. I can hold steady cooking temp for 2.5-3+ hours depending upon weather conditions. I could probably get more, but I go ahead & reload the basket with unlit briquettes when the temps drop below 220. I don't get any adverse flavor from this method. I have used Kingsford, Royal Oak & Sams Choice with good results.
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I don't know your smoker very well but if it's flavor you're worried about, try out a high quality lump charcoal. There's no binders, fillers, etc that might impart some negative flavors.
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