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????? Doing a Italian Style Fatty quick question

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I've got a quick question, doing my first two fatties (why do only one when ya got the fixin's for two?)

icon_question.gifDo we spritz these after about an hour or so? icon_question.gif

Was thinking perhaps apple juice. I have a bacon weave wrap. Of course, like others, these things are enormous. Figuring 2 1/2 - 3 hours at 250* looking for 165* i/t. We have rain with mild temps so weather is not a factor.

Of course pictures to follow.
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No need to spritz. There's plenty of fat usually in these. Plus you've got a bacon wrap that'll protect it. It won't hurt if you do spritz, but I don't think you need to, nor do I think it'll change the outcome.

Good luck on your fatties. Be sure to put up some qview.
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I guess you could spritz them if you wanted to Dave, but the bacon should keep it nice and moist without it.
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Well, I'm sure you can, but not sure it would do anything noticeable if you've got a bacon weave goin' on. The bacon's gonna be sweating out the fat so theres plenty basting happening. If you want something sweet, you might want to "paint" it with apple sauce about half an hour before pulling it out.

Hope this helps.....and don't forget the Q-Vue PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Ok, consensus is no spritz. Will uploading the QView momentarily. Gotta give our brothers in the snowbound east something to look at.
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Yepper there's enough fat and cholestral to stop a good heart in one of those things. So no need to spirtz just let it rip in the smoker. What are you using for filling in theses Fatties. You said Italian but whats gonna make it Italian??
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I'm building the Q-View right now in another thread. All questions will be answered.
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