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Possible Problem

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I put the 4 chickens in to smoke about an hour and a half ago the meat temp is just over 130° am i getting close on the danger zone?
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You've got another 2.5 hours~ (rule of thumb is 4 hrs), unless the birds were out at room temp for an extended period of time, and getting over 40* before the smoke started.

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Thank you for the response I really need to build a smoker enclosure maybe it will help keep some heat in this cold Michigan weather.
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You're welcome, Dan. Hey, as for weather protection, just blocking the wind can make a huge difference...plywood/cardboard, stacked coolers or anything else you can use.

Good luck on the bird smoke...4 chix is a nice load for a vertical electric!

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It sounds to me as though you are making good time at 130 degrees 1.5 hours into the cook. I'm guessing your total time may be just under 4 hours?

Can't wait to see em. I love smoked chicken.
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