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All, thanks for the warm welcome! I can already tell this is a great place with some great people. GreenDrake and Ciolli, any tips, do's or don'ts or anything you feel I should know about the Traeger Texas please share. I was fortunate enough to see a demo on one and was pretty sold on the grill. We will pick one up 2nd week in January after I recover from my roll as Santa.

Until then I will continue to enjoy what comes off the grills of my Great Outdoors smokey mountain series propane water smoker. I had a great run Saturday with 3 racks of ribs cooked over apple wood. They were very tender as they should be. When it come to ribs I do a great job. I have to work on my brisket a bt bit though... I'm sure this forum will get me all fixed up with great info.