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Pork Rib Withdrawl

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I am really jonesing for some pork ribs(BB's or spares). After eating one or the other pretty much every weekend since May I havent smoked any since Nov 28th.... X-mas parties, and busy weekends are to blame for this. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

However my salvation is on the horizon, a couple slabs o' BB ribs for X-mas supper on the new WSM that has been sitting in my garage assembled & unused for the past month or so. Its a x-mas present, and I promised the gift giver I wouldnt use it til x-mas. I had a WSM loaner this past summer, and had to have one for myself, it is the best x-mas gift I have gotten since I was a kid.

So tomorrow I am off to buy a few slabs of un-enhanced BB's to have on hand for the 25th. Cant wait to taste these ribs off the WSM, I really missed charcoal smoking, the GOSM gasser was/is a fine unit, but to me it was just lacking something in the taste and texture dept's.
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Sounds like a good time.........those WSMs are good little cookers. Enjoy the ribs.
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loved the WSM I borrowed for a few months this past summer. Weber does make a really good product.
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You got the 18 1/2 or the 22?
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18.5", after much consideration & discussion with folks who own both, I figured that would be the best to go with for a small family like I have.
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Yeah, I am just curious like that.

That is what I have also, but I got mine before there was a 22 so there was no decision to make. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif But for the difference in price (atleast that last time I checked) between the two, I probably still would have went with the 18.5 anyhow.
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Sounds like a good plan Jim. One thing I would do prior to using the WSM is to make a wind break, just in case. Ya never know how the wind will be around here.
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I agree, I have also heard the larger can be a fuel hog, both are really nice.
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good call. I smoke on my deck, so I have the house as a windbreak, but I have some stuff on hand just in case I need to put one together on the fly.

going to pick up a large stash of lump, wood chips, etc tomorrow as well. I plan on doing alot of bbq in January. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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What kind of lump?
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I like Royal Oak, but I will probably go with what they have @ Home Depot(which usually means Cowboy unless things have changed). So maybe just 1 or 2 bags to hold me over if it is Cowboy.

I still have about 1/2 a bag of the Royal Oak in the green bag left @ home. Got that @ Menards.
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Last time out I used some Stubbs bricks. Out of all the briquettes I have tried the Stubbs is my favorite. I need to go back to Lowes and get a few bags.
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