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BBB question

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I will be attempting my first Bacon smoke. I have a 4 pound pork butt that I am going to put Hi Mountain Bacon cure on it for 12 days. My question is can I am some maple syrup to the butt? I am going to put the butt in the cure tonight so that I can smoke this thing on the smoker I am getting for Christmas. Thanks for the information.
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Absolutly, I've done that way myself. Don't forget to turn them a few times during the cure. Remember the qview when it's all done.
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Sure you can add anything you want to it's yours. But anyway just rub it with the cure and the other spices in the package and let it sit just remember to rub it and flip it everyday and you'll have you one good hunk of bacon for christmas. Don't forget the Qview so we can see it too. Cause you know:
We Are The Kids and You Have The Candy
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Bad time to ask but are you supposed to pour off the liquid as it sits in the cure?

I am supposed to pull mine tomorrow and smoke on Saturday and I left my liquid in the bag the whole time flipping daily. I hope I didn't screw it up. I see people talking about it getting firm/ stiff during the curing process when talking about bellies but the butt is not what I would call firm or stiff.
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I like to add basic seasoning during cure like onion powder and garlic. When I smoke it I like to add the syrup or brown sugar or molassas. I've done it both ways. Your not going to hurt anything doing it either or both.

I wrap mine tightly in plastic wrap and I've never poured off any liquid. I do try to flip them over every other day or so and I have ended up with a little leakage in the bottom of the pan. If you go pourin off the liquid your gonna loose the ingredients of your cure I would think. The salt in the cure is going to pull moisture out of the meat so it will be firmed up some but I wouldn't worry about that.
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Thanks for asking that very question. I made BBB once and I didn't pour off any liquid. I started two butts this evening and got to thinking about what I had read cocerning pouring the liquid out.
My first batch was great, I think?
Would it help or hurt?
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