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Great idea Jerry.
Just because it is a powdered cure doesn't mean it is the same.
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Great thread guys.
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Mortons sugar cure

I e-mailed mortons to get a recommendation on how much of their sugar cure to use. They said a cup per quart or 4 cups per gallon. Isn't that way too much?
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Sounds right to me. 1 cup cure to 4 cups water. That's what I've always used and what the instructions say.
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Dans, It should be 1 cup cure per 4 cups water for a brine according to the mortons package.
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I have a package of TQ here in front of me and it says 1 cup of cure to 4 cups of water for brine... sugar cure can be used interchangably. Does the sugar cure package have different instructions? Your email from Mortons is what I've always used and what it says on my package of TQ.
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Dave you are correct, and I corrected my post above. sorry for any confusion.
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No problem... I had to go double check to make sure I hadn't messed up. These proportions are very easy to get mixed up. That's why it's always a good idea to double check your measurements. Happy curing!
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I gotta get those books some day....Theres some others I've seen I'd like too. ahhhh well,, until then I'll just keep tryin...
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What I learned this weekend was (when almost attempting to use pink salt as a curing agent):

"Just because the salt is pink, doesn't mean your meat wont STINK!"
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