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Firebox question

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I have a guy working on a firebox and wanted to use 1/4" plate steel with the following dimensions
20" deep x 18" wide x 18" high.

He may not be able to get the 1/4" plate steel but instead he can get the 1/8" plate steel, will that be heavy enough for a fire box?

Pros and Cons would be helpful thanks everyone.
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Yes it should work fine i think 1/4" would be better but the 1/8" would work.
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The firebox on the Lady is 1/4 inch- I'm wondering if you wouldn't experience some warpage using 1/8 inch plate. Maybe BBQ Engineer can shed some light on this.
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I would prefer the 1/4" but the 1/8" would work.

If you have the time and money, you can always have him do a double wall box with the 1/8", leaving about a 1" gap in between the 2 walls and fill it with sand. This would increase your insulation and make your wood last longer.

I have not done this yet with any of mine, but one of the guys that cooks in some of the Competitions as me has done this to his and it works VERY VERY well

Good Luck
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Here is where I am with the firebox.The guy working on the firebox says his guys cant bend 1/4" steel and would have to buy the steel, so I may have to go with 1/8" steel, which is free.

Pretty sure he is doing this for free, but don't mind paying to get it done right. If his crew is doing it for nada, I will have a lot of pork butt to do when this is finished...all the hard work can't go unrewarded!

I have him working a price on both.

1)1/8” steel doubled wall with 3 bends and ¼” plate welded on the back and ¼” plate steel for the access door. Four 2-1/2” holes spaced at 2-1/2” apart with a sliding damper below the coal bed shelf. Shelf rack 4” from bottom with an expanded metal grate for coal bed.

2)¼” steel single wall with ¼” plate welded all around and a ¼” plate steel for the front. Four 2-1/2” holes spaced at 2-1/2” apart with a sliding damper below the coal bed shelf. Shelf rack 4” from bottom with an expanded metal grate for coal bed.

Can 3/16” steel be bent?

Does it matter where the firebox door is? I would like to put it on the front not the side.

Hopefully I can some work done on it this weekend, while I’m smoking some jerky.

Look at this pic, does this look like it can be 3/16” steel or ¼” it has the bends in it.Can 3/16" steel and/or 1/4" steel be bent?

does anyone know who built this.

Input needed please
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Yes 3/16 steel can be bent if you have the proper equipment.

It would take a really decent sized press brake to bend 3/16 but it can be done

the fire box door, Well if he is building to your specs, he should be able to put it where ever you want it. Me....I like mine on the front for easier access.

Just For what it is worth I think 3/16 would be a little over kill for most climate zones and probably not be worth the additional expense.

You should be ok with the 1/4" steel.

Good Luck
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3/16" is thinner than 1/4' but the 1/4" may be expensive.
If he uses the 1/8" steel he can get it free, I was hoping 1/8" would be fine but most people say to go with a 1/4"
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The thinner steel is more likely to warp than the thicker stuff. Warpage causes things to break or crack and thats the reason that 99% of all the pit manufacturers use 1/4" steel on their fire boxes, aside from the heat loss. I would use the 1/4" plate.
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Boy am I ever embarrassed.

My brain is just not in the game today...sorry

I agree go with the quarter, it is what mine is made of and it has lasted 10+ years and still going strong
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Yeah 1/4" seems like the best.
Figured I would shop around in case my guy couldn't do the work.

$300.00 just for the steel
$500.00 to have it made
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Find a Scrap Iron Yard and get 1/2 used and don't worry about bending it, weld the edges together and if you want it too be really neat make a from from angle iron and weld the 1/4" plates into it so you have nice corners.

Used 1/4" plate should be relatively cheap considering you are looking for small pieces...
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Got a quote for $35.00 per piece 18" x 20"
$32.00 for 18 x 18
$75.00 for 14" x 52"
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