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Fresh Batch of Sausage

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Made a fresh batch. First round out of this smoker. Took an old commercial freezer and made it work. This is 100#'s. Could easily do 150 or more. Left side is venison and the right side was from a wild pig.
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Looks like a great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif What are you heating the old fridge with got any pics of how you set it up?
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That looks like some great sausage! Thanks for sharing.
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Very nice job on this!!!
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Well......It's still a project in the works. I used a propane burner in the last smoker. Somehow lost the hose for it and didn't know it until it was time for some more heat. I had a electric element that wouldn't give me the heat I needed. I ended using a propane heater with the bottle outside, of course. Worked quite well. Sometimes have to use what you have.....
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nice job on the sausage for sure
what temps do you smoke it at?
thats the size smoker I need!
I did a 40# batch of polish and I have to smoke it in 2 batches
because I can only get about 20# in my GOSM at a time
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Great job! I'll bet you were worn out after stuffing 150# at once! Looks great!
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Wow, that looks awesome..
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Man thats some really good looking sausage. I'm new to this whole sausage world bbut I find it really fun and the final product is some good eats too. So keep posting and I will keep watching and learning too.points.gifFor everything.
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The first pic looked like a wild boar. Great lookin sausages.
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Good Job...
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Venison and Wild Boar, Now That's living high on the hog. Nice job.
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Is indeed great looking sausage. Yeah, get us some more pics and details on the smoker, smoke generation, thermo control, etc.
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