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Ingredient/parts storage

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Over the past few years my inventory has grown and had forced me to provide a better home than the several nooks and crannies I'd been storing things throughout the kitchen and house, so for Christmas I asked for a cabinet from Walmart, $49.99, to store everything in. Santa came early and my wife allowed me to put it all together, as it's the last day off I'll have until Christmas Day (retail.. slammin' time!).
The cabinet went together very well, of course you had to be meticulous on getting the body square and hinges on right, etc. so everything hung properly. Plus I beefed up the top by adding a couple pine cleats under the two top corners, as I stored my stuffer on top and knew it was only ½" particle board doweled together. It also provided better strength to the box.
Here's a pic of it in the kitchen, plus one open showing my storage. It's only got 4 shelves, if I need to I can add risers to the shelves to double the storage space.


Doors open:

Gives my wife back 3 or 4 spots in cupboards that I'd been occupying and I can lock it (handle nylon lock) up so the grandkids don't get into the spices or nitrates!
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Nice storage. Must be great to have all your gear handy. My storage spot is the shed. I can't complain cause my wife lets me work in "her" kitchen (which I built). I do get one drawer in the kitchen for some of my more frequently used tools and supplies. It all works out pretty good, just a pain lugging the grinder, mixer and stuffer back and forth in the snow. My stuffer must weigh about 60#.
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Nice, I've got crap scattered all over the kitchen and garage. Wish I could put it all in one spot.
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Dang it Pops that looks like a shrine or something like that. Do you have sacrifices there too. No It looks great and one day I'll grow up to the sausage guru that you are.
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Very cool. I sure would like to have a dedicated space in the house just for BBQ.

Not long ago, my wife surprised me with another grill (this one is a Traeger) and I had to put up another shed to house all of the goodies:

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WOW! Your bags of sausage seasonings are a LOT bigger than my bags of sausage seasonings! You makin' it by the cwt*? icon_mrgreen.gif

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My wife just asked me "you should put that BBQ stuff out in the garage in the shed." So, I put up another shelf.

I might have a thing for shelves.

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Pops, I don't see the grinder in there? Pup, either you've got one big hot tub or a pool. I only have one each of some of that leisure time stuff on hand at a time for the hot tub.
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Earlier this year we bought a nice high-end spa off Craigslist which ended up including a gazebo, slate outdoor dinner table/chairs, BBQ-grill island and all of those chemicals. I typically buy the raw chemicals in-bulk, but I suppose it's smart to use these chemicals up in the next year-or-two.

In SoCal, folks are off-loading luxury goods to make ends-meat. My wife even bought the Traeger and all of the accessories (including the wood pellets) off makes you wonder what folks were thinking when they took out 2nd and 3rd mortgages to buy SUVs and other luxury items they really couldn't afford. icon_redface.gif, if I could just talk my wife into letting me put in a dedicated BBQ storage unit like Pops'. icon_smile.gif
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Nope, that still has to sit on the counter, too heavy for that lightweight cabinet and would take up half the room which is dedicated to ingredient packages and misc. parts storage (grinder and stuffer parts 'n pieces).
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Very nice pops.Fits right in with the rest of furniture etc....
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