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First try at Buckboard Bacon

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5 lb. butt, deboned and cured for 10 days w/ TQ and brown sugar. After curing -

Sprinkled with pepper and smoked on the 11th day..

Smoked in the drum with apple, and tried to keep the chamber temp between 160-180. About an hour and a half in when the internal temp. was 100, I made the mistake of opening the drum and flipping for even smoke and color, and that was a big mistake. I only had the lid off for less than 20 seconds, and the temp spiked to 220, and I was unable to get it below 200 for the rest of the cook.

Overall cook time was 3 hours to get it to an internal of 140.

Wrapped and rested for an hour, before I put it in the fridge overnight to cool and slice tomorrow..

Pic's to follow in the morning..
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well for your first looks good to me....i do my bacon at 200-210 for a couple of hours ...and it works is some pics of mini buckboard bacon i did awhile ago

yours looks good to me...nice job
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It looks good I'll look forward to the sliced pics and a report on the taste!!
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Looks good. Lets see some slices!
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The older bacon looked really good but why not the new bacon sliced Qview please. I to am looking forward to more Qview and the taste test report.
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Any advice on how to slice it? Cross grain, with the grain, or does it matter?
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Thanks guys, really happy with the way it turned out.. Tastes awesome!

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