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Jerky Blasters

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Looking to upgrade .I need a larger capacity that is made half way decent.Been looking around internet stores but I thought I would throw this to the people that have/use them.If you had good or bad luck with one could you post ? Thanks
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I have LEM's jerky cannon. I love it. I believe it is pretty much the same as the jerky blaster from cabelias and bass pro. The jerky cannon gos for about 50 bucks normal price. Mostly all metal parts. Lots of nozzles availible for it.
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Jerky Cannon

I just picked one up at Cabella's that was on sale for half price, all metal, looked pretty good.

They had both of them on sale a few weeks ago, but the larger one was the better deal.

Not sure if they still on sale at the store or not but it may be worth a call to see if they would honor a sales flyer price online.
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Same one I have, and it holds 1.5 lbs of meat. Works great and is mostly all metal.
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if you are gonna make lots of ground jerky get the attachment from LEM that goes on your grinder. put it on during your second grind and it will run you 3 strips out just like the jerky cannon but alot easier and faster. i make 200-300lbsĀ  A YR AND THIS HAS MADE LIFE SO MUCH BETTER EASIER AND FASTER. I MAKE UP ALL THE STRIPS AND STORE IN FRIDGE TILL THERE TURN IN DEHYDRATOR AND TRYING IT IN SMOKER THIS YR

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