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Duck, has anyone smoked it? got any advice on this? wait...... im sure there is a ton of it.. looking forward to reading it.
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Ive done them way back and its really good....Got 3 words for you...SMOKED DUCK GUMBO...

I smoked mine just like a chicken but at the time was just learning the smoking process but I wouldnt think it would be uch diff myself. If I could get my hands on some duck i woudl try it for sure
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sounds good 3 words right back at ya, POST RECIPE PLEASE........(ok 5 THANK YOU)
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We did a lot of them at the restaurant. They have a lot of fat under the skin. They weren't the wild ones, not sure what you have. We would render the fat out and they were delicious and crispy, that is the secret, so I guess a hot smoke would be in order.

Good luck and post the results with some qview.
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Just do it

I put a couple on that the wife got from work (domestic frozen) I just put them on with a light rub and spritz every half hour. cooked like a chicken but I cant remember the finishing temp, I think about 150.

Turned out great,
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Stuff them with sauerkraut! It's the bomb! :)
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That's actually a good combo, we didn't stuff them but served the duck with saurkraut and homemade bread dumplings, a Bohemian dish. Lots of carraway seeds with the kraut.
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