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Trying something new in my rub...

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Perhaps it's been done but I need to see/taste for myself the results...

I powdered Turbinado Sugar in a coffee grinder to take the place of Brown Sugar... Rub is deff lighter in color.
Dryer and sprinkles easier.
Doing BB's tomorrow (SUN), I'll report on the diff in taste and texture then... with Qviews of course. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Let us know how it works...
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I think you will like.I havent used brown sugar in years for the reasons you stated..But i am not a big sugar user.....
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I like to occasionally use turbinado instead of brown sugar in my chipotle rub.
I like the bigger granules that pair with the kosher salt and it has a good sweetness but at the same time it lacks the deeper flavors that brown sugar lends.
Just tried some "brownulated" sugar that was supposed to be large granules of brown sugar but it wasn't anything like brown or raw sugar.

Good luck with the new experiment, I think you'll enjoy it.
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I use it in rubs all the time to.
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