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storing jerky

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I am getting ready to make a large batch of jerky Sunday. I will make about 15lbs. What is the best way to store for the long haul. I will vacuum seal them in smaller bundles. The jerky will be cured. Thanks
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the vacuum sealed small bundles should be fine (i'd keep them in the freezer until use) but once each bundle is opened, i've found the best storage container to be a spaghetti sauce or similarly-sized jar with a few holes poked in the lid.

is this 15 pounds before or after drying? if it is after, your plan sounds good. if it is before, expect about 3 lbs of finsihed jerky. with a batch like that, i'd simply keep it in a pan or a few jars as described above on the top shelf of a closet that the kids can't reach.
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15 lbs. before drying. I could not imagine doing 15 lbs after drying with a 30" MES.
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On average I yield 33% dry product when finished doing jerky-I also sucky bag and freeze for long term,once opened it's as moist as when it went in.good luck on the jerky.
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desertlites brings up a good point, there are a lot of different preferences when it comes to the moistness (or dryness) of jerky and that will have a lot to do with determining your storage method. i tend to dry myne pretty well so that the outside is rather leathery and there is just a bit of moisture left on the inside. others prefer it fairly moist both outside and in. the advice i gave would be good for my kind of jerky, but maybe not for others.
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I like mine dry inside and out and I use just a plastic container to store it in.....Nothing fancy.
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Good information. Thanks
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Vacuumed sealed and into the freezer. I prefer small batches in the vacuum bags so when it is pulled from the freezer there is no need to store..........yum!
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Now thats waht I was going to say is vaccumed packed and into the freezer with it. Then just take it out as you need it.
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