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Copied from another forum.


Its with great regret I type this note. I learned a little while ago that JamesB died this afternoon. I cant begin to express the complete sense of loss I am feeling for his family, friends and many forum friends. There are very few whole heartedly good people in the world. James was. He was a caring friend who always pitched in, helped out and went the extra mile to help those who knew him. I just cant put to words the sorrow I feel for losing him. He will be deeply missed.

I don't have all the details, what I currently understand is that James had some type of breathing issues that flared up occasionally and this afternoon those breathing issues overtook him and he died before the paramedics could get there.

Please pray for his family.

As I receive more details, we will post those here. I know in the days, weeks and months to come we will want to remember all the good things James did + offer our love and support to his family.

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The funeral for James Bennett (James B) will be at

Ben F. Brown Funeral Home
707 N MacArthur, Irving Tx 75061

Wednesday 10:00 am
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Here is his last post.


Sad news, thanks for letting us know.

He will be in our thoughts.
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I am so sorry to hear that. My prayers to his family.
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Extremely sad news to hear of a member passing away so suddenly. Never a good time, but the holidays don't make it any easier.

Ronp, thanks for providing a link to his last thread.
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That is very sad news, my thoughts will be with the family.
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Prayers sent to the family.
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My thoughts go out to his loved ones.He will be missed.
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I did some back tracking through other forums and located the original post where he was well known and saw where he was alive this afternoon and actually posted there today.

It seems he had breathing problems and passed before the parmedics could get there. Too bad.

I guess we never know.
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Oh wow. That's tough to handle. Hats off and a silent prayer for our fallen brother.

Go in peace James.
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Terrible news
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So Sad to hear about a members passing... He will be missed...
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Thank you Ronp for letting us know...
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Thank you for the post Hell Fire. Sending thoughts and prayers to James' wife, daughters and family.
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Sorry to hear of the loss, my thoughts and prayers go towards his family.
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Thats a shame my thoughts and prayers go out to his family
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James was with us since 2005, Wow He must have been here at the start.

I add my small prayer to the many for James and His family.
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Thoughts and prayers to his family. May he rest in peace. Hug your loved ones every day, you just never know.
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It is a sad day the the smoking world for sure. Our prayers go out to the family. Thanks Ronp for posting his last post.
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prayers and condolences to the family. He will be missed
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Wow, I was just drulling over his bacon the other day. Prayers to his family and friends.
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