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Beef Loin

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getting ready to smoke a beef loin tonight, its 14 pounds of meat not a lot of fat at all on it , my question is should i wrap it in foil or ??????
not real sure on this because i have'nt done one like this, like i said no fat on this is an understatement.

thanks for the help !!!
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When I am smoking a lean piece of meat I like to wrap in bacon. The fat helps keep the meat moist. That being said I havent done a whole beef tender loin but I would prob wrap it in bacon.
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I'd have to agree with Brian I'd wrap or pin bacon on it to help with moistness I might even inject it.
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Is it a loin or tenderloin? Bone in or bonless?
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I'm with the first 2 guys here I would wrap it with bacon and let it go. I would only take it to about 145-150 or so too.
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For a whole beef tenderloin I like to smoke it between 225-230 until the internal temp on the large end is 140*. A whole tenderloin will run about 7-8 pounds with the larger end measuring about 5-6 inches across and tapering down to about 3 inch on the small end.
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