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Buckboard Bacon questions

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I have been wanting to try bacon but I could not find any belly meat so I got a 4lb piece of a butt. On that I applied 4 tbl of morton tender quick, 4 tbl of brown sugar, 1 tbl black pepper, and some molases. It is now sitting in a plastic bag in my refrigerator. I plan on leaving it about 12 days then rince and dry overnight. Onto the smoker from there at 130 until it reaches a temp of ?

What have I done wrong or left out up to this point?

What temp do I smoke it too?

Is 130 too hot of a temp to smoke it at?

Any other points to pass along are welcomed!
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Smoke at 225' and internal of 150' ish. Someone may have a different opinion though.
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Ohh Yea,

Does buckboard bacon taste the same as the bacon from the belly meat?
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It's much leaner. I find that if I don't cook it long enough it's more like ham. You have to cook it really slow and let it crisp up like bacon... or that's the way I like it anyway. I do mine different than Ron. I smoke it longer at a much lower temp. 160 - 180 and I pull it out at 135. You have to remember to cook it before you eat any of it. I have 2 - 5 pounders and 2 - 6 pounders I just finished seasoning and put in the fridge. Sounds to me like your on the right track. I did the same thing you just did except 2 of mine I used the Mortons Sugar cure. Good luck with it.
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like pignit said much leaner thats why i went this way.
i use it mainley in beans and toppings.
does make great blt's if ya fry it slow and get it chrisp.
i smoke it at 120° for an hour or so then kick it up to 200° till
in temp reachs 140°.
let rest for a couple of hours then fridge overnight slice,cook & eat.
if ya have any left it freezes well in ziplocks and freezer papper 30 days or so.
vac packed for 6 months or so or thats the longest i've kept mine so far.
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I think (as regular bacon) he wants to use a lower temp and long smoke time stopping at 140 internal. It's cured, so it can take the low temps. It will be fried to finish up the cooking later.
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The answer morkdach gave (below) is pretty much what Hi Mt recommends (and what I did with mine).
Then when you're ready to eat some, you have to finish it like you do bacon, but not as long, because it gets done quicker.

You're gonna love it,
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It has been in a bag in the refirgerator for 5 days now, how can you tell if it is curing properly?

There is juice in the bag now.
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Take it out and using a filet knife make a small cut in the middle and take a small plug out from the middle and fry it. If it is all pink it should be done. You can also test your salt at that time.
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if it has juice its doing its thang...leave for another 4-5 days or so and it should be done....remember you can never overcure but undercure.....have fun icon_mrgreen.gif
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