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Some Steak Ems/Minute Steaks

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Like this stuff since i dont eat out or buy stuff in boxes...

Sliced this bottom round about a month ago(sale) and froze

Some of my red jap chipotles on right and mirasol pepper on left from summer garden

I just add the peppers to some flour and skillet the salted/black peppered meat at high heat about a minute a side with some olive oil.

De-glaze skillet with some onion

Sliced the beef like a checkboard for proper inhalation

I make a blue-cheese mayonaise that is killer combo with hot pepper spices and spread liberaly on rye bread.Sorta like blue cheese with hot wings...Added some lettuce.

Nothing special,but quick and fresh.

Had time to inject tomorrows butt project...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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Looks mighty tasty! I love minute steak sammies.
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Well alex you have done it again when I first saw steak ums I was about to run to another site but thn I saw it was you so I had to peek. You know when you walk by a bar you have to turn your head an look in. Now that is a very differant meal then I had imaged it really look like it would be good. So thinnly sliced and then fried up with some flour and onions you had me. Nice Job and I wont doubt you again.
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Great looking sammie.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I actually don't mind steak-ums occasionally, I prepare them in the oven like the way they served us in High School, gross I know but those and their Italian subs were great (maybe just cause we are in jersey)
Good fond old memories aside I would pass those up all day long to have a slice of that great looking and spice driven sammie Alex.
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Looks great Alex...give me one of those and a beer and I am set. Nice
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We used to eat Steak Ems as kids, nasty stuff. But what you made, how dare you compare. That's a great lookng sandwich.

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I thought it looked awesome...Im so hungry!!!!!!! Your killing me...You da man Brother...Love the fresh ground peppers you do..Im gonna need some pointers form you later next year. We always grew a large garden and Im starting back this year since we now know we are not moving to Brazil...
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Yeah! That loos great.
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Looks Great Alex...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I should be here brother.All i can do is tell yah what works for me and we are similiar climates.Rock her back Home to Mama brother.We are getting some growers on da forum.....Peppers that is etc........
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