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I'll be smokin INSIDE this winter!

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I'm sittin here fightin the weather trying to get some things smoked for Christmas and thinkin.... I've got a heated garage.... what is wrong with me. Besides... the MES is worthless outside this time of year here. I picked up this Kenmore 40" exhaust hood off craigslist for $50.00 and I bought a few supplies at Lowes.... and I'm smokin. The only thing I may have a problem with is buildup on the outside which I'm more than willing to wash a few times a year to keep inside where it's warm and dry. As you can see from the pics... it is drawing really nice... no smoke in the garage. Still get the smell of burning wood but I'm ok with it. I'm going to get some solid vent pipe to finish it out with. I didn't know what dimensions I'd be working with so I picked up a piece of flex to get it working. Getting ready to slam 4 Sams Roto Chickens in it. Didn't take much... a few hours... well worth the time... and money ($100.00)

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I am either going to do that or a bathroom fan, I think your way is the way to go though
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Thats one way to beat Old Man Winter!!!! Nice job.
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Sweet Dave, I've been thinking of doing something so I could work in the garage. I think you might have solved my problem of knowing if it's a TBS or not. Thanks
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That is awesome Dave, do you know how jealous I am now?

You better believe every time I'm outside in the freezing cold and snow smoking this Winter I'll be shaking my fist in the air thinking Damn you Dave, you and your warm self PDT_Armataz_01_19.gificon_wink.gif
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That is dedication...I have a 55 gallon drum i insulated over my WSM.

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Wow, Dave, you've certainly figured out how to overcome your winters. Great idea~ Congratulations on that and may you have much TBS !

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Great idea! Any thoughts on how long it is before you have a smoke stain on the outside?
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Well I'm smokin as I type.... 4 Sams Roto Chickens. I'll take a look and see if it left anything from the smoke tonight. I can always extend the pipe out past the eave if it becomes too much of a problem. It's just for the winter. So far it is working flawlessly. 4 hours into the chicken. I also deboned 4 butts tonight and I'm putting them in cure for Buckboard Bacon for presents.
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Now that's awesome! Congrats on your build. May I recommend that you still leave that garage door cracked a bit. You know...just in case. I'd hate to see you take a long accidential nap and overcook your meat before Red comes out to check out you finds you face down on the workbench.
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I've got an large exhaust fan for spraying paint and when I'm grinding and the louvers don't fit real tight... and a dog door and enough cracks to keep enough draft goin. No bad fumes with the electric. Besides.... Red checks on me every dang 10 minutes seein what I'm up to. Having a real bad time with the MES temps tonight. Sitting in the garage with no wind at 60 plus degrees and at 4 hours... it hasn't shown over 210 on the internal therm. Staying on continuously... really don't understand this unit and why it doesn't get to temp.
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You plugged in directly or on an extension cord. If an extension cord what gauge and length? Might need a shorter, heavier cord.
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Oops, forgot you were running an electric.

Tell Red to turn off the vacuum and see if that helps the temp. Or maybe she'll blacken your other eye after the puffy comment the other day. HA
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I have an idea to keep you from having to wash the walls - how about forming a piece of sheet metal that fits behind the vent and below the vent to direct it away from the house? Just a thought and cheap
Great idea on the hood -
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I'm plugged directly into the wall. I did a reset per Rons suggestion and while I had it unplugged I pulled the chip tray out. Plugged it back in... turned out the lights to watch for the glow.... looked good. Closed the door back up and now it's crankin at 232. I have no idea what would make it act like that.... I guess I should have checked to see if Red had the Vacuum cleaner runnin.... and Dude.... she still isn't over that swollen eye remark. (That means I'm not over that swollen eye remark)
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O man... this is shweeeeet. Wind howlin outside... and I've got my first smoke inside all toasty and restin. Shweeeeeeet!

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I want to see some juice man.
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Looks pretty damn good..............Sweet setup..............
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That's GREAT Dave !
Now I really am jealous !

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I just broke out laughing at work... That comment reminded me of when Dennis and Charlie start a fire in the back of a Uhaul on the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

You have no idea how jelous of you I am. I have just put my MES into hibernation and you are going to be smoking all winter... I guess I will have to live vicariously through your q-view.
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