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When I look at all the Q-View's posted here, it appears that everyone has their thermometer probe stuck through a square item of some sort just lying on the grill along w/ other probes inserted in the desired meats. Per Jeff's suggestion, I purchased a Taylor Digital Thermometer that served me well during my first Thanksgiving smoke w/ my single and only probe inserted in the turkey - no square item. Am I not doing something I should? Thanks.
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Most likely the square thing you are talking about is a piece of wood.
Some folks use potatoes to put their probe through because you don't want it resting directly on the grate, that can screw up your probe, but if you take a piece of wood and drill a hole through it you can put your probe in there and use it over and over and over.
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Are we talking about the probe or the cable? The probe will be in the meat, so is it the cable you do not want resting on the iron grate? Thanks again...
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Just to add to what FIU said it is nice to have 2 probes one for the meat and one for the smoker temp at the grill. You can use anything for the smoker temp, I even used a dinner roll many times over, just keep it from touching the grates.
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Now I understand! Thank you...
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It doesn't matter if the cable touches the grill its just the probe that shouldn't. Many of us wrap the cable in tinfoil to lessen damage where it goes thru the door seal and also to make the cleaning of it easier.
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I've used a wine cork as well...the rest of the info the post above nailed everything.
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The thermometer I got came with one of these:

Presumably for holding the probe upright in a pot, it clips on the grate and holds the probe horizontally just fine though.
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Yepper just like everyone is saying you never trust the themrometer built into your smoker. Always use your own and tested themro probe unit. The get you one for your meat too.
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