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tri tip

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looks good what cut of meat.
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Here you go,
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One of my personal favorites. Sliced thin against the grain, you won't regret it.
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thank you that was a very informtive link now all i have to do is find some.O $ #
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Not only slice across the grain, but on the bias. Use this method for corned beef and london broils. This was taught to me by an old German buthcher from Chicago.
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im smoking two tomorrow!!
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I can't find tri-tip around here
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Piney---want me to send you some tri-tip. It is currently running $2.13 per pound.

I agree and concur and complement Grampys for the post about carving tri tip. Most people cut tri tip wrong---yet are proud to post q-View. I do not want to become overcritical-------I want EVERYONE to have the finest tri tip available.

Tri Tip grain is VERY,very obvious---cut perpemdicular to the grain. The article in this post is not even cut perpendicular to the grain----it is cut on about a 30 degree angle. If 30 degrees off of grain is good-----90 degrees is better. I know the problem---30 degrees off makes uniform slices----I will sacrifice uniformity to tenderness anytime. If tri- tip is cut for uniform pieces as in a competition there is a certain way to do that.
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Piney----I am not jokin' I can send tri-tip for you to use next weekend. I might even trade for some aligator bbq sauce or whatever Florida offers
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Your talking about one of my favorote cuts of beef... especialy when using red oak for flavoring. It's all good my friend.
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Since Tri-Tip is one of my favorites also, I'm pitching in on all of the slicing comments.
I actually cut mine into two pieces before I start slicing. That cut is generally right off the middle tip, with the grain.
That gives you two smaller pieces that can then be handled easier, and cut against the grain.

I like grampyskids tip of also then slicing on the bias (I'm guessing that means at an angle!). I will definitely try that next time.

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I do the same thing, cut into two pieces before slicing, making them more manageable. I can't keep them on the cutting board this way, so i must be doing something right! :)
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Where are you to get it at that price.Here in s fla i just ckecked with butcher shop $9.99 #
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Pineywoods, Publix in Delray Beach has tri-tips they lable them as SIRLOIN TRI-TIPS or sometimes as SIRLOIN TIP ROAST. Priced at $4.99 lb.

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I might have been cutting it wrong, but i was indeed proud to be posting pics of my qview.
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Thank you scott i live in ft laud so i have alot of publix.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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