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What is preferred pellets, chunks or sawdust ?

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Or does it depend what you are smoking ?
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I think it depends on what kind of smoker you have.
When I had my Electric Brinkman Gourmet I used chips and small chunks, now that I use an sNp I use large chunks that I cut to size myself.
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I use sawdust only for cold smoking

pellets and chunks for warm smoke

that is how I use them icon_smile.gif
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i'm a watt burner and use chips just depends on what you use for heaticon_question.gif
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When I had the Amerique I used small chunks 1x2 ish
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Yeah I have an electric too

Royal Oak. Thought it would depend on where the heat was coming from.

I found a place that seems cheap for pellets if you can measure smoke by the pound. Not sure about the shipping costs though. They got Alder, Apple, Cherry, Pecan.
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You might want to experiment a bit before buying a bunch...pellets burn quick.
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I use dust, chips and chunks with my electric's and chunks only in the ECB
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Anyone know how they burn in a Big Kahuna??
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Pellets and Kahuna

I have a homemade "kahuna type" generator and use a combination of pellets and chips.

What I do is make alternating layers, about 1/2 to 1 inch thick starting with the pellets.

I am going to try starting with a layer of pellets, put in a 3 inch chunk and surround that we pellets to see how that works.
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I'll have to search the term Big Kahuna as I don't what know that is. I know that pellets burn fast as heck in the ash pan of my Stumps though and use chunks instead. I buy pellets from Chris at the best I've used in my opinion....I use them in my Traeger.
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Was going to buy from Cookinpellets but economics won out

Bought Traegor pellets from


Cookin only had the mix. Is that what you use ? How would you compare them to Traegor ?
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Chris has only had the mix since last spring due to supply problems. I've used his Hickory, Cherry, and the Mix. I really liked them all. The mix is a mellow blend in my opinion and I believe it is what most of his restaurant customers use. I have also used Candy Sues ( but when I was lookiing they were more expensive. I can find these in Orschelins around here.

Traegers pellets are made with a high percentage of alder wood (60-80% if recall correctly). I very much prefer the pellets without the filler such cookin's and bbqrs.
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