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apple Juice

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anybody ever use it instead of water in the water pan for turkey
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yes all the time it gives a nice taste
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Personally I use water in the pan and spritz the bird with apple juice about once an hour during the smoke
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Liquids in your water Pan

Apple juice is great, so is cider. Basically you can use any liquid that you want. I have used Pepsi with a Ham. Though, I think that I would pass on using Prune Juice!
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LOL... Dr Pepper works well to in a spritz or in the pan. Keep in mind if you use liquids in a pan, don't be afraid to experiment with aromatics such as beer, fresh herbs, sliced fruits, peppercorns, etc...
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I use the brine that I used for the bird.
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I started out using apple juice and I only spritz if I have to open the smoker. This is on the MES or the ECB. I don't use a pan of anything on the OK Joe. I started experimenting with other juices and have started using a fruit punch I get from Sams. I think it adds moisture and flavor to the smoke. I keep a little spray bottle of strawberry margarita mix in the fridge for spritzing ribs and butt.
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I have used it in the water pan and in the spirtz with some cidar vinigar too. I have also use differant things in the water pan like onions and beef broth and then you get the drippings and you can make a good au jus with it to.
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using pops, do you let it sit out so it loses the fizz or not?
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Nope, just put it in....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Not trying to poop in the punch bowl here, but it's my honest opinion that different liquids in a water pan won't significantly enhance the flavor of the cook. It would perhaps enhance the skin, just like when you mop or spritz.

With that said, changing what's in the pan can effect the boiling temperature of the solution. For instance, you an add bout 10 degrees above the normal boil temp to a salt water solution. Not as big of a deal cooking poultry because of the high heat, but still worth mentioning.
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