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Casing sources in Jax, FL?

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Hello All,

I am going to Jacksonville, FL this weekend to see family. I need some more sausage casings and wonder if there is a known source down there. I am sure the regular 34mm hog casings are very common but I need some 22mm sheep casings. They have doubled their price online since I last bought them so I thought I would try a local source first.

BTW, we are driving down 301 through Nahunta to visit the Lang Smoker factory!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Couldn't tell you about local, but I get all mine from Syracuse Casing co. -

Their prices include shipping and they also offer 'tubed' casings: They come like this.. this is a hank of 32mm I just got (minus 1 for my sweet sausage!)

Another view:

The casings are pre-loaded onto sleeves; all you do is pull out the center yoke from the sleeve and slide the sleeve on the stuffing horn, then holding the casings, slide the sleeve off - the casings are loaded all at one time! Fast and efficient! (You do have to soak them first to get the salt off, about 40 min or so, just lay then in a pan or dish in water).

Ordering is on line and delivery is quick; I got these in about 4 days from when I placed the order.
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Hey Jeff.. I haven't ever bought any but im sure some1 here has em.There a couple of regulars on here from Jax as well and they will probably know...And the Lang stop is worth it !! Have a safe trip..
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Well the main place I know to get the casings and I think they have the sizes you want is Gander mountian. I know they have a bunch of differant sizes and kinds I'm almopst sure that they have the sheep and natural casings you want. There are 2 location here in Jax one in north jax near the airport and then theres one in st augustine in the outlet mall area. If you need to pm me and I'll help you in anyway you need.
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Thanks a bunch. I will probably swing by the airport location on my way in or out. Thanks to all for the help.
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