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Do i need fermenting agent

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I am in the process to make some venison summer sausage and have noticed that some recipes call for a small amount of fermenting agent, while some others do not.

So I ask the ol wise folks what are the pros and cons?

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It is just for taste and binding from what I know...You can sub with dry milk. I have aND WORKS FINE. JUST DON'T GO OVER 5% (stupid caps) I am sure it is more around 7% but 5% is safe and worked great.
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I believe the fermenting agent will give your product a slightly sour taste like store-bought thuringer. I personally like that taste but some don't. It can be achieved with Fermento or encapsulated citric acid also. Hope this helps.
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I'm not sure you want to use a fermenting agent unless you plan on a dry cured sausage. the fermento or citric acid will give ya the same tangy flavor.
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Fermenting Agent

Thanks, I was just going off of some of the recipes that I have seen with a culture or fermenting agent.

I am just going to end up experimenting but don't want to start and find out I'm missing an ingredient.

Ive never made any summer sausage and must be a little gun shy about having it turn out bad.
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Agreed. Both products will give the sausage the signature tanginess. Of course the real way is with starter cultures which you can buy at . I have not yet used the culture myself and have great results with Fermento.

Semi-dry sausages like summer sausages do have low pH to get the tanginess. Many people do use the starters but as I just mentioned, it can be cheated with the addition of the above.

My first summer sausage was made with the pioneer method of "mix it with not-so-clean-hands and hope the right kind of bacteria take over". We ate it but it was a real bombPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif. I always use the right stuff now.
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