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Chicken claws

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Ok this is a first for me, I went to the store today (that is not the first part) I saw an item for sale that made me go hmmmmmmmm ok more like huhhhhhhhhh? CHICKEN FEET for sale. my question is simple. Who would buy them and what for????????PDT_Armataz_01_03.gificon_eek.gif:icon_ques tion:
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folks use them for stock,

and I have had them at chinese restaurants. didnt really care for them as they really dont have meat, but cartilidge.
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Take a trip to the far east my friend and you'll find plenty of people who'll be happy to show you how to cook and eat your chicken feet. Once example would be dim sum.
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Thank you. it really looked odd seeing them like that.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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chicken feet dish @ Dim sum @ Shui Wah in Chicago a couple months ago:

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I hear that the gritty stuff under the toenails is the best part.tongue.gif
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I have seen them alot in Jamaicia many times and they use them for a broth or stock for beef hooves and dumplings. They use everything and don't ask them about the goats. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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My Grandfather used to dehydrate them , then he would attach them to a bamboo slat and shelack'em and give them away at Christmas as back scratchers
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You can fry them or cook them in a sauce and some people eat them like a corn cobb, biting all the little bits of flesh/skin off of the bones.
If done right you can even eat the bones but that seems a bit odd, well Hell-if you are eating chicken feet that is odd enough so eating the bones...why not?
Personally I don't care for feet, some find them sexy some find them delicious. My Grandfather used to make pickled pigs feet and loved to eat them, none for me though.
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They make a really good stock for soups and used to be free, now the price is starting to climb rapidly.

Anybody remember when the butcher gave away soup bones, liver, tongue, heart, slabs of fat and other things like that for free?

I remember back when most people would scoff at chicken wings. They used to be dirt cheap till the bar crowd discovered buffalo wings.

There was also a time when no-one I knew would eat Chinese food. Well except the Chinese of course.

There was an asian contestant on Fear Factor who not only ate all the wierd stuff that the others gagged at. He asked Joe Rogan for the leftovers that one of the others refused to eat then he ate them because as he said , He was hungry.
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My wife is from far south Mexico in the mountains by Acapulco and they eat them in soup...Chicken Foot Soup if you believe it. It is one of her favs for sure. I eat the soup but couldn't naw on the feet like they do. Great taste just didn't feel real adventurous that day.
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Will you do us, well at least me, a favor and next time your wife makes it take a few pictures and post the recipe?
I'm always up for trying new things, I wouldn't eat the legs but love soup and everything else in it would be good to go.
Hell, might even try a chicken foot just because I never have.
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LMAO....I wonder what they do with thier lips and peckers ?biggrin.gif
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Thank you so much, I now have drink all over my desk and monitor icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif!!!!!
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cost too muchPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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I can start the recipe for you.

1/2 cup eye of newt
3 bat wings
4 cups stump water from the swamp
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Lmao....I will get the recipe. I probably won't be able to get pics do to her mom not being back in arizona. But I will try.
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OAXACA! Hey bud, great food from there; a transitional area from the desert plains of the north to the mountainy jungle of the south.....This is truly Mexican food at some of it's best. If you can, share some of the recipes~ not all include chicken paws and there's a lot of good eating too.

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