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Vent Mod

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Vent Mod







I'm having problems posting pics, sorry.
I have tried resizing under 600 and they still wont show up but they show up when I am editing the post.

CHECK out my Pics on webshots under Smoker for more pics.
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Pics didn't show up in your post, but I did check out your webshot pics. Nice vent mod-have you had a chance to use it yet and if so, did it work the way you wanted?
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Yes I believe it does work, trying to be positive here.
Did a test run on some bad jerkey someone made.
Opened the top all the way and opend the bottom all the way got about 180-190 degrees constant temp with smoke used water in the pan and achieved TBS.
Although I am happy with that, I played a little more with the adjustment using the needle valve.
With the needle valve 140-150 degrees was no problem, but dont think it was hot enough to get smoke.
This leads me to other options
1) fire up on high get a few chunks smoking reduce heat then add jerkey
2) use a torch, just want to make sure theres no ashes or they can blow all over your meat
3) use a smoke generator for better smoke control.
I am working on # 3 hopefully it will work.

Other things I want to try
1) pavers in the bottom of the smoker
2) replace water in water pan with lava rock.

My only concern with removing the water is I think I will loose control of the constant temps and will get more fluctuating temps.

Lets hear from the Jerkey Guys do you use water or not?
I know the idea is to dry the jerkey, but on the other hand the water maintains even temps.

Input welcome.
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Nice job on the vent. Hope it all works out for ya
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