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Ordered a new WSM

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Early Christmas me!! Should be here before the weekend. Really busy for the next few weeks but will try and do a first smoke around the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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You will love it.I have cold smoked.smoked and grill smoked over the years....Very fuel efficent.

I did my 20th consecutive turkey on turkey day on mine.
3 funnels of charcoal,couple wood chunks and she ran 320 degree straight with minor vent adjustments on that 15 pound bird.I have done a 23 pounder before same way....
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As a new WSM owner I can without reservation say; you're gonna love it. I did my second smoke on it just yesterday, a chuckie that turned out great.
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Hot diggity arrived today. Can't mess with it till the weekend but WOW!!
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Nice! What's going to be on for the weekend?
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18" or 22"?

Either way, they are like magic!
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Won't be this weekend. Need to take my race engine apart to look at the bearings and roller lifters. Probably will be some time after the new year before I can get to it. Going to start off with some ribs and work my way up to a brisket.
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I have a new one sitting assemebled & covered in my garage waiting to turn out a x-mas batch of bb ribs(its a present from my mom). Knew I needed a WSM after using one for a few months this past summer.

enjoy yours.
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