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Couple Fatties from the weekend.

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I spent all day Saturday makin Green Chile (as posted in Beef).

But as I was goin through my camera I noticed I had forgotten about the 2 fatties I made for my parents & grandparents on Friday (i know.....)

Did one (thanks to Dude Abides)...with Chorizo, Potatoes, Eggs, and Cheese. And the other with Canadian Bacon, Bell Pepper, Jalepeno, Potatoes, and of course a can of diced green chile's. Here's the Qview

Notice the difference in fat content of the bacon....

Forgot to take pics after cutting into it.....
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Great job, they look fantastic. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

That really is some difference in the bacon.
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Oooo...I bet those were good!
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Nice job.How did the 2 different thickness of bacon stack up to each other?
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The thickness was the same. But the one was almost ALL fat & no meat.

It cooked down ok. But I prefered the one that had a bit more meat on it. Cooked and tasted better as an outer layer
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Those look great and good eating too. How did the parents like them??? I like them both but I'm leaning towards the chirizo fattie. Next time you should try some cheap thin bacon it tends to smoke and cook much better and chrisper.
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Looks like they turned out great, beautiful color and nice list of ingredients.
Seems like you are getting the art of bacon weaving down to a perfect science PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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