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Bradley vs ??

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I'm looking for a simple, easy to regulate propane or electric smoker for a gift. I like the looks of the Camp Chef because of the lack of electronics. I'd like to be able to hang the big salamis vertically and still have the ability to do brisket, butts, turkeys, etc. I have a treager and love it except I'd like it to be vertical and know he would too. I can't look at anything in person in Nowhere, Montana so your input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance
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They are called MES here. Do a search here, many posts.
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Is there a good way to hang Salami in the MES?
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Thanks Ron

Can I hang Salami's in an MES?
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It has 4 racks so you could remove the bottom 2 or 3 and hang from the top one I would think.

Also the Bradely has issues with temps, plus you have to use their pucks that are not only expensive but after 20 minutes they are dumped into the water pan and you didn't even burn them up.

I can use cheap chunks, 10 dollars a bag, and last for months.

Paul will verify this info as that is where I got it from.

Good luck, whatever you do.
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