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Canadian Bacon question

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Hi All, I have been away from the forum for a while. I am finally able to break away and start up my smoker again.

I am going to try some CB this time. I have been looking at the posts and I need to get some clarification. Do I want to use a whole pork loin or do I want to use just the tenderloin?

I am going to use a dry rub, is there a certain length the I should cut the loins so that I get an even cure?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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Just the loin. Follow the directions on your cure.
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I've got some CB ready to smoke this weekend. It's soakin in fresh water right now. The length doesn't matter. Just cut it to work for your fridge or smoker. You can do it whole. I cut mine in half. Gives me a much more workable piece. You could cut it in thirds and season each one differently. Bottom line is to weight each piece and add cure per directions.

Use the loin, not the tenderloin. I have made it with the tenderloin and I prefer the loin much better.
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An even cure is all about time, the thicker the piece of loin the longer you cure it before smoking. If you figure the cure will penetrate a 1/4" per day from the outside of the loin to the center at the thickest part, you'll be good to go.
Also Make sure you read the directions for the amount of cure to use per pound of meat. Measure it out carefully for each individual piece of meat that you are making, that's very important as not enough won't cure it and to much will hurt ya.
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Exactly like Dan, Dave, & Ron said.

The last one I did I cut in half. That made them touch the door & back wall slightly. I didn't much care for that---shoulda cut it in 3 pieces. No biggie though.

Also, don't figure the cure for the whole thing, then cut it in pieces, then guess how much goes in each bag. I read where some did that.
Weigh each piece, after they are cut. Then measure the correct amount of cure for each of those pieces.

Have fun, you'll love it!
Don't forget the Qview,
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The only thing I could add is. Do you have a food saver if not you can use a zip-lock baggies then suck as much of the air out of it an throw it is the refrig and leave it there for a week or so. Just remember to sqeesh it and rub it and flip it everyday. The take it out and put it into the smoker with some spple wood or mesquite and smoke it to about 165 or so and then your eating some of the best bacon you will ever have.
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Thank you for all of your advice. I am going to use TQ for a dry cure. I have seen a couple of threads here where they add stuff to the TQ.

Should I use it straight in measured amounts or is there a recipe I should use to mix it? Thanks
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I use it straight with some brown sugar, I don't measure the sugar just toss a bit in the bag.
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I tried it with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar per pound & 1/2 tablespoon per pound, and I don't taste any "sweet" in my bacon. I guess maybe it counteracts the salt in the TQ, but doesn't give you the sweet flavor.
These are just "my" findings.

Also after rinsing and testing it (after curing), I throw some onion powder, garlic powder, and some black pepper on it. It seems to adhere through the pellicle forming process.
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