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Brinkman vs GOSM

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Looking to purchase a gas smoker. I can pick up the Brinkman at Home Depot, however, I would need to order the GOSM from WalMart.

I have read a lot about the GOSM on the forum, but the Brinkman, not so much. How do they compare?

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Kent, while I have not used either of them I have laid hands on both units and I like the GOSM better simply because it is heavier steel which means it will hold the heat much better than the Brinkmann.

The nice part about the Brinkmann is the dual door arrangement which allows you to keep that precious heat/smoke in when you need to add water or chips whereas the GOSM loses it all.

What is really needed is a dual door GOSM or a heavier gauge steel Brinkmann!

Didn't help a bit, did I? icon_wink.gif
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Well, sort of. The fact I want to use it this weekend also factors in here.
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Do you by chance know anyone who owns these two units so you can test drive them? I know that's probably a stretch but that would be a great thing! Beyond that, I'd suppose you were moving to the Brinkmann which still wouldn't be a bad thing to be sure!
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I have a GOSM and it a very good smoker for sure. Now I have seen the brinkman and picked it up and really looked at it but to me it's a cheaper more flimzy unit then the Gosm. But now is where I throw you off course if you have the money I would move up to the smoke Vault 24". I have one and unless you can fine (I couldn't find one) a big block GOSM I would save up for the vault 24" not the 18" you will be happier in the long run I know. Seen it been there have the shirt.
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Kent you can get the wide body GOSM at Bass Pro for $199.99. If it were me I would go with it simple because it is 24" wide instead of 16" wide. You will really appreciate the difference...

Here is the link to Bass Pro:

There is also a Yahoo group that is for GOSM Members to help with things they may need such as Parts & Modifications etc.
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Thanks everyone. I have decided not to get the Brinkman. Still pondering the Smoke Vault or GOSM from Walmart or Bass.

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As someone posted earlier, I woud suggest you get the larger of the two.
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go with the GOSM from Bass Pro. my 2 cents.
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GOSM has my vote.
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I have an old GOSM charcoal model that I converted over to propane. Tell you what, those old charcoal GOSM's were HEAVY!!! Much better built than the current Propane models. Still, check the gauge of the metal and make your selection that way. Heavier the metal, the better.
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Well, I finally (rather my wife did, early Christmas present) icon_surprised.gifpurchased a gas Smoker. I had found the Smoke Vault line here in town at Sportmans Warehouse. We do not have have a Bass Pro Shop and the $50 freight charge was a deal breaker for me. She picked one up for me yesterday, 24 I believe. Still in the box, but only until this evening. I sure hope it will be easier to maintain heat than my Chargriller? Now, I am required to smoke some turkey for Christmas, which I am definitely okay with.

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congrats! i'm sure some vault owners will stop by to give you some imput.
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If Brinkmanns were still built with heavy gauge steel, I'd say get the SnP, but they are kind of light nowadays.

Don't have A GOSM, so I can't speak to that. Sounds like you have already made a decision. Good luck... and post some q-view!
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This might be a bit late but we have a GOSM and love it. I remember seeing the wide GOSM right after we bought our standard width model. If we had seen the wider model first I would have bought that instead.

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