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Maximum temp for brine solution ?

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I've just boiled my ingredients to mix them together, got it in the cooler and I'm ready to put the turkeys in. The brine is still warm. I'm going to ice it down, but I think it will melt the ice right now and still be too warm. What's the max. temp my brine solution needs to be tonight? I can add more ice later if needed.

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Put some ice in zip locks. It will melt quick. Dump the melted water and add more ice. You want that water as close to 40F or under as possible.
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Without any proof I am gonna say 40 degrees! Keep all meat cold until cooking!

That being said, it can only get and stay as cool as you fridge is that you are going to use it in
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thanks guys, my wife just reminded me we had some cooler ice packs in the freezer ready to go. I just dropped them in. I will dump some ice in later too.

Thanks for the help on the temp.
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38' and below is good.
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Brinin range is 36° - 38°. Lower slows down the brinin process, higher ya risk spoilage. Now that don't mean there ain't a bit a play in them numbers, just stay as close as ya can.
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My 14# turkey is in the brine and on my back porch. I live in Huntsville, Tx and the temp. right now is 45deg. The low tonight is 40deg. I love mother nature helping me out.

I will start the pit @ 7:30am to smoke the turkey and some ABT's.

I hope everyone has a GREAT and SAFE Thanksgiving!!

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I'd be concerned if I were you. The turkey and brine should be below 40°. You don't want the temperature of the turkey to be between 40° and 140° for more than 4 hours.

I hope you have a safe Thanksgivng too . . . and don't get sick from your turkey.

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I agree with Dave.
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Somebody ought to make this a stickyPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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