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Brining Questions

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I'm using Jeff Phillips' brining recipe and procedure from the Smoking Meat website, and in his instructions, he sounds like he pours his brine right from the stove-warm-onto his bird. Is that correct, or am I misunderstood? Does the brine need to be cold before adding the bird? Is it ok to refrigerate the bird AFTER brining until you're ready to cook? If so, how long is too long?
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Personally I cool my brine before addin the bird. After brinin you can (dependin on how much salt the brine has) rinse the bird an wrap in plastic wrap overnight. I wouldn't go no longer then that.
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Yeah, I would definately chill that brine first. Maybe Jeff doesn't, but I wouldn't think that would be a good idea.
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I'm sure Jeff wouldn't ever pour a hot brine right onto a bird, most likely the wording made it seem like that was happening but I'm positive he didn't mean that.
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No cool the brine before you put the bird into it. Thats not good to but a cold bird into a hot brine it will start cooking it.
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