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Turkey time and temp question

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Tomorrow will be my first attempt doing a turkey and was wondering what temp should I set the smoker at and also About how many minutes a pound it will take? thanks

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At 350 degrees it takes 14-15 minutes per pound to do a stuffed bird.....

Less temperature more time.If the bird is not stuffed a few minutes less per pound.

These are just guidelines used for many years.Always make sure the thigh is 170 degree.

Most folk rest the bird,so lighty tented in foil/in a cold oven the internal will usually rise another 5 degree.....
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If you want to go low and slow at about 225-240 a 12 lb bird would take between 6 and 7 hours. You will get the most smoke penetration at this temp but the skin may not be edible. If you want crispy skin crank the heat to 325-350 you will get less smoke but better skin and this will take about 4 hours give or take
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I agree with alex above me and yes he's that good and you do what he says to.
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Those are just established restaurant oven temps/per pound mark.

As Pineywoods mentioned give or take.I do mine on my WSM at 340-360 under more direct heat and doing a few hundred it is within 15 minutes.A offset may take longer with indirect and same temp etc...I have also found on comp circuit the electric cookshacks give a drier heat then others as well...I always figure knowing the characteristics of your rig is most important as different sources of heat effect final product from my experiences.......But final internal is the ultimate indicator....
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