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Busiest Times on the SMF?

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Seeing all the questions and plans for this coming Thanksgiving got me to wondering. Any long time members around here or someone with access to stats? I'd be interested to know what holiday has the most new threads started.

My guess would be 4th of July with maybe Memorial Day coming in a close second. But thinking Thanksgiving has to rank up there pretty high.

Anybody know or care to take a guess?
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My guess would probably be the 4th.
I couldn't even keep up with all the posts that day! Respond to one or two and by that time it seemed like another 20 had been posted!
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yesterday there was 4 pages of post for me to catch up on when I got on. Ill see if I can looking into stats for you.
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It's not a big deal. Just curiosity.
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How long does a brined turkey at...LMBO...Interesting ? Dude..
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Huh? Ok you lost me on that one.
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Just meant to say there are alot of time/temp questions etc. and that was a good question about board activity.It does seem like it is very active....
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LOL. Ok, never heard/seen LMBO before. What's that one mean?

I'd also be curious to see how many people get their turkey info then we never see them again.
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LMBO...Laugh My But Off.Its the G rated version....I am cleaning my act up...LMAO
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Usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas you will see more new members and people asking 'how long', 'what temp' 'can I' questions but the most of them are looking for one question answered then gone.

Summer holidays usually bring another round of short time newbies also and thus bumping up the new threads.

Just my observations with this and other forums I frequent. Brian may find stats that say otherwise though.
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Ahhhh, gotcha. It's about time you cleaned it up. I heard a rumor you were about to get kicked off the site. LOL

That's what I figured. I'm seeing lots of new faces asking the same questions. Hopefully they'll get the bug and stick around.
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I'd guess Christmas/New years holiday is the busiest but I could be wrong.

Dude ....Sssssssshhhh..... thats spozed to be a secret..... They want to spring the trap before he suspects a thing....Ssssssssssshhhh.
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I would be thinking Christmas season with new smokers as gifts. But I have also noticed alot of turkey questions here latley.
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So far this year 11/23/09 has had the most number of new threads. It blew the 4th out of the water.
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