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33.86 Pounds of deliciousness...

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Well I was asked to make some pulled pork for another pot luck at work. This time I took pictures, but my girlfriends camera is like a magic trick, I cant figure it out. As soon as I do I will post q-view.

Smoked 19.8 pounds for the potluck. Then two of my coworkers paid me to smoke a pork shoulder for them for their thanksgiving's, made them 14.06 pounds to split. Was able to fit all of the UDS for a 9 hour smoke (for time purposes I cut the roasts in half).

Rubbed the night before that with Bilbo's rub. Smoked over a chunk of hickory and 2 chunks of Red Oak.

Will try to pose q-views but have to make a photobucket and figure out the camera.
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It sounds like you have your handsful with the pork. I know get the girlfriend to be the photo expert it's here anyway. I hope things go good for you I'm sure they will.
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Sorry was not able to get pics of the final product, but here is a pic I finally was able to get the quantity of pork that was made.

More q-view to come in the future now that I have figured it all out. Thanks for looking.
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Looks Great...
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that's like a whole mountain of pork..awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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