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Pistacchio shell smoke

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Since I have to go to my MIL's for Thanksgiving, I plan on smoking my own bird on Sunday. I found a source of pistacchio shells just a few miles from my house. Having never used this source, I am wary, but thinking it might be great Any body has any experience with this?
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pistacchio smoke...

i think i'd try it at home on a small scale and not tell anybody.....unless of course it came out good.
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pistacchio smoke...

ever try pecan shell smoke?
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There is a post from Chef Al that discusses this. He actually did a smoke with the shells - Here is the link
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Grumpy.. I mean Grampy ;o),
Let us know how that turns out if you go with the shells. I love pistacchios. The membrane in a pecan shell is bitter as hell. I know Pistash's don't have that, but wonder how that wood effect the smoke if you used pecan. I have access to English walnuts. That may be the motivation I need to get them cracked and shelled.
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If they work out I would be willing to either buy or trade for a large flat rate priority mail box full of them...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i would be willing to paypal you $ to get some.
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I think that chef al's turned out alright. Well looking back he never did say how they came out didi he.? Well let us know how things work out I would just like to know. One of those things take make you go HUMMMMM
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