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ham throwdown

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who's up for a ham throwdown?

best qview wins?
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heres my ham
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Darned fine looking ham.

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Your ham looks fine but it's a spiral already cooked ham and I know you can enhase the flavor with smoking it hot. I will go for a fresh ham throwdown anytime. Just let me know. I guess that I just like a fresh ham over a pre-cook model but then I have never smoked a pre-cooked. So I guess I'm scared on this one.
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Nice looking Ham...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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noone else made a ham thursday?

lets see some pics
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I did a 22lb fresh leg LAST Thanksgiving: did it Cuban style w/ a marinade of garlic, sour orange, garlic, garlic, oregano, cumin, bay leaves, and garlic.

It was great.

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hey mike how north in ga are you my folks live in canton
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in fact i just got a big box of wood, cherry, apple and peach from them they got it at a flea market in blairsville
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Right north of them in Jasper. Stop in on a holiday and we can share a brew and some que.
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maybee two or three
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Thats no problem... I brew my own and have it on tap!
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