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ok here it is 1st naked bird second brined and dry rubbed third in smoker 4th done with a homemade pecan pie and a hoegaarden5th carved.

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heres my entry
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i guess the winners were all the guests of everyone smoking these turkeys
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Let's just call it a draw cross the board. Everyone did great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That just made my mouth water. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's Mine

Ok... For what it's worth here's mine:

Here with cajun rub:

Forgot to take pics before cutting DuH:
This was the most moist, flavorful tender turkey I have ever eaten:
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^^^^^ I second what Tip said! We got some creative and talented folks here.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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couple o fatties and the turkey

done in the ole ECB! the turkey got all the drippins from the fatties on top. The bird was a 13lb Deistle. Brined for 12hrs. fatties were my chrizo, plablano chilli, jalapeno and chedar filled. went quick. most of the folks had never had/seen the fatty... couldnt get a pic cuz they went quick! the turkey turned out great. took what was left of it and made a great soup with plablano chillies, jalapeno, corn, anahime chilies.

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first time I ever smoked a turkey, just got my brinkmann in august and this forum has helped me along quite a bit. Went with salt, brown sugar, a touch of honey, onion, garlic, and cajun for my brine. Turned out great for a first timer, learned that it cooks quite a bit faster than I expected and had to hold temp for a few hours. Had about 1/2" smoke penetration that you got a good taste of the smoke, and then the locked in juiciness of the bird.

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i guess we all win
everyone had fun
lets do it again at christmas
maybe pick some unusual items
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Some great birds here would love to do for christmas but i will be 2500 miles away from my smoker may have to enter
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Sorry I haven't gotten these loaded yet, but here are my pics. It was delicious.

I smoked 3 turkeys, one for me and the others for neighbors.

The "Cow Girls" circled the iron maiden like sharks in a moat. I guarantee there ain't anybody peeking my smoker with these two around.

Hannah standing guard like a little gargoyle (OK, we posed her for this shot). She is the toughest and most driven dog I have ever seen...If you have something valuable to protect (like a Thanksgiving day turkey), you will need an Australian cattle dog.

Thanks to the Cow Girls, no one stole my birds, and they turned out fantastic! Smoked with Wild Cherry wood at ~300° - 325°. I also made gravy in the smoker...I swear I could just drink that it is so good.
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Well I got to feelin bad about a BK Whopper for Thanksgiving and seein all these incredible birds.... made a trip to the store and picked up some after Thanksgiving deals. I got two 15 pounders for .69 per pound and I picked up a fresh turkey breast to smoke this weekend.

I kept it really simple.... rolled up about 6 pieces of bacon and stuck in the breast cavity, seasoned with lemon pepper and tones poultry seasoning and some Kosher salt. I had some stretch netting that Ron sent and I squeezed it into that and layed it in the MES with some Hickory, Oregano, Sage and Thyme pellets I have.

I smoked it to 155 and was running out of time. Was going to pull it at 165. I put it in the oven in an aluminum pan covered with foil with the stuffing to let it finish off. Well...... I kinda got into some things and forgot the oven cooks a lot faster than the smoker. When I pulled it and checked the temp.... it was 180. I'm thinkin I really screwed this up. I let it rest... carved the breast out and sliced it against the grain and poured the juices in the foil on top. It was awesome. I'm really surprised I didn't turn it into jerky. I don't know if tenting it or the bacon or both had anything to do with it staying so moist and tender but I was so thankful it didn't come out dry. I ran to get the camera to take a pic and when I got back it looked like this. Sorry..... I'm gonna have to carry the camera with me I guess. Hope all of you had a Happy Bird Day!

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