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Deep frying a whole chicken?

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I have been wondering if it would be good? or if anyone has tried it? seems like it would be good.
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Ive done them before. there just as good in my book well almost, but most people dont do them dbecause of the oil costs I think..Not sure on times though
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i have !

the bad thing is the cost of the oil "peanut" which i think does the best .i have tried Canola and vegtable but the peanut is a whole lot better ........because of the cost of the oil i try to do 3 to 4 of the birds "dont like to waste the oil" and of course one at a time, but i also inject the whole chicken just like i do a turkey but if you are going to do that it has to be the same for all of them "flavor wont mix well with each other" , the only thing i have done different is the last bird i do as the" hot" bird and flavor it with cyanne pepper PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Absolutley. I've also done a 5 pound bag of chicken wings. Actually did 10 pounds but 5 at time. Pulled them from the oil and into a bowl with seasoning and shake em up. Delicious.
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I also throw in some wings at the end most of the time....Man take those bad boys out, throw in some butter, hot sauce, and a touch of honey...A six pack and its love....I here Issac Hayes playing again
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Woooha! I was ready for bed.... gonna throw some pants on and head to the Kroger for turkeys and wings to fry!
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Ohh yeah...You go boy!!!! WIngs and Turkey it is.....Now Im down and out because Im having rice and green stuff for lunch and not sure what the green stuff is
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i was thinking of using vegetable oil instead of peanut, wondered if it would work as well as peanut oil but now i hear it doesn't. mmm chicken wings just fried some up sunday
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Veg oil does not work well hence the price issue because you ahve to buy so much oil to do this...Peanut
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If you reuse the oil the cost goes down quite a bit. I know some folks aren't gonna like this but we have used oil that has been strained and kept cool two years old. ( I'm not tellin anybody they ought to do this or advocating it, I'm just sayin I have done it without incident. ) You can tell when it turns bad. There is no doubt. It turns rancid. It's good to go until it does.
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My mom always had a grease can on the stove that she put all the let over stuff in. Didnt matter what she fried the left over grease when in this thing and I dont ever recallig her washing or changing it....Now I will say that I do not practice this, but I still eat at her house and have never been sick that I can actually blame on it....But once again I ahd a many a stomach aches as a kid....I can see that sitting on our old yellow stove right now....
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Peanut oil is king for flavor and price the veg oil works great to and I never hesitate to use it.
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