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Quick Question re Ribs HELP, please!

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I'm going to make these Apple Smoked Spare Ribs, tomorrow, but have a couple quick questions.

The ribs I have are COUNTRY STYLE spare ribs. Does that change the cooking time?

Do I need to put them on a Rib Rack or can I just lay them on one of the racks in my smoker?

I'm making these for my cousin and her boyfriend tomorrow, and know that he'll just go bonkers for them, so am very excited! Hopefully, I won't screw it up! LOL

Thanks for your help!

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slap em on the rack. I only use a rib rack when I have too many to fit on my grates. Just stands em up for more room.

I'm sure they will be just great! Did you season your new smoke vault yet?
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Can you post us a pic to see what you have?
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Julie, country style ribs are simply a sliced up pork butt. I'd put on a rub and lay them right on the rack. Smoke at 225 - 250 until internal temp of at least 160 degrees. Don't forget the pictures.
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Best advice yet. A country style rib is not a true rib. It is cut from the shoulder blade area of the hog. You can treat that cut more like a pork chop.
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I'm not sure what you have there. Country style ribs are sliced butt.... spare ribs are actual ribs that come from below the Baby Backs... I would have a different method for each. Country Style Ribs are going to be already cut into pieces. Maybe they are calling these spare ribs, country style because they haven't been trimmed into St. Lois style with the flap meat cut off. Take another look and tell us what you've got ahold of.
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I just noticed that you are a dutch oven extraordinare! I'm getting one for Christmas. I'm looking forward to some of your dutch oven recipes if you can share :)
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The coutry style ribs are not a rib they are just cut that way. I would rub them wrap them in saran wrap, and let them hang out in the refrig over night to let the rub set in and really flavor the meat. The smoke them at 230-250 for about 4-5 hours and just lay them on the grates and then take them too about 165 and you'll be golden. So good luck with them and don't forget the Qview please. Cause you know:
we are the kids and you have the candy
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OK, folks . . . here's a pic of the ribs I'm making today. Let me know your thoughts on cooking times and temperature. I'm planning on eating around 7:30, and have to leave at 3 p.m. for my school bus route, so I either have to start them before I leave, or I won't be able to get them on until at least 5:00 p.m. when I get back home.


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You are going to need 4-5 hours minimum.Will be late dinner if you start at 5 p.m.,but being gone 3-5 p.m. is a dilema...

They reheat well after cooked,but your timeline is rough....Can anyone watch them in smoker while you are gone.....I would have suggested doing them in morning and reheating for dinner with your timeline....
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I'm way too late to help you out, but you've got good advice on smokin them. Those are Country Style Ribs.
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Here's a copy of my BLOG entry re the ribs! Thanks, everyone, for all your help! The ribs were a HUGE success!
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Great job Julie!points.gifThe only thing that might have made it better would have been smoking the hashbrowns, but they still looked outsatanding. I'm just a smokeaholic.

Thanks for sharing.
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Those ribs look great and those cheesy hashers I gotta try! Looks like a winner meal to me. Tell your son THANKS!!! I hope our soldiers had a descent meal tonight, god bless them.
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