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Water or no water?

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sorry guys, got another newbie!biggrin.gif

Some websites say no water with poultry, some do...I'm going to be smoking a turkey and wanted to know which is the better way to go?

fyi - Using a Weber Smoker
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I have yet to smoke a turkey however I would think to start with water to help keep it moist. Then maybe the last hour or so take it out, crank the heat to crisp the skin.

I'm sure that more knowledgable peeps will let u know for sure.
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Hey Silverback,

First of all, welcome to the SMF.

Am I correct that your question is about whether to put water in the water pan or leave it dry? If it is, I would suggest using water in the water pan. It provides a moist environment, and even though the controversy rages as if this makes a difference or not, if nothing else it provides a giant heat sink and mass that smooth the temperature fluctuations. Some people use sand in their water pans to act as this heat sink / thermal mass and it also produces good 'Que. I say go with the moist option and use the water.
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As Newb mentioned, I go from a wet smoke to dry when I'm getting closer to finished temps. Crank temps up with a dry cooking chamber for browning and crisping the skin...if done correctly, you'll have a golden brown bird when internal temps are where you want.

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Forluv, what is that pic in your avatar? Is that a pie shaped Fattie???
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Yes, it is...a pizza fattie pie, one of my signature dishes. Here's the last 2 I posted:

Don't mean to high-jack your thread, Silverback.

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Water in the pan start ta finish fer me.
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I use sand in my water pan for just about everything. I'd never suggest that someone smoke meat with a dry water pan. Either put water or some other liquid in it or sterile play sand. Brining should be sufficient to keep your bird moist.

Either way you should be fine as long as you brined and you baste.
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Like Raceyb said, "sterile". Make sure if you use sand you buy it from a hardware store, play sand. It has been cleaned and using sand that has not been cleaned can put all kinds of "bad joojoo" into your food.
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I use water or apple juice in my water pan for what reason I don't know it came with it so I use it. My smokes seem to come out juicey and all so it works for me. The next thing will you please stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself and we can give you the welcome we like to give to new members.
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for chicken I do not use water,foil the pan

for turkey I do use water

chickens are smaller, thus they get a crisp skin (dry air)
turkeys are bigger ,more time ,need more control

that is how I do it
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I even sterilize the play sand in a large cooking sheet as hot as my gas grill goes....I dont trust anybody/store etc.......PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I do not use water with poultry,but thats me....I cant get 340 degree temp in my WSM with water.....I foil waterpan to collect drippings....
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